Ultimate Guide On Post-Weld Heat Treatment


One of the essential assets of operation and maintenance in the chemical industries, including the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the petroleum industry, is welding. On many occasions, after a weld occurs, a very popular process occurs. It’s called post-weld heat treatment. It is considered a handy application, if not … Read More

The Ultimate Guide in Salt Bath Annealing


Annealing is a technique that craftsmen use. However, a particular method is extremely popular among shooters. I am writing about salt bath annealing. Experienced shooters use it to alter the mechanical properties of the bullet case. In this article, I will mention the benefits of this method. Also, I will … Read More

How to Galvanize Steel

Any metallic structure has to be durable and maintain this property for as long as possible. Without a doubt, steel has a lot of strength but there are many alloys of it that are vulnerable to certain environmental conditions. When it comes to protecting the metal from corrosion, galvanizing appears … Read More