Ultimate Guide About CJP Groove Welds

CJP (complete joint penetration) is a joint root condition in a groove weld. Before going to what is CJP, let’s understand what is groove weld. Groove welds are done to fill the gap between the two pieces of fused metals. They fill the gap formed at the edges of the … Read More

Best Welding Generators – 2023 Reviews


If you appreciate multitasking and convenience when welding, a welding generator might appeal to you. These machines provide a continuous power supply for your welding process. Welder generators are also necessary equipment on most farms and construction sites as emergency power units.  With these generators at your disposal, your job … Read More

How To Wire A 220 Outlet For A Welder


What’s The Difficult Part Of This Process And How Safe It Is? The crucial part of wiring a 220 outlet for a welder is snapping a wire into the gang box. It is essential to ensure that the package doesn’t have any power supply running because a heavy running power … Read More

How Long Does It REALLY Take to Become a Welder


Every profession has its own reputation when compared to others. The welding industry is one of those that need skilled welders in numerous methods. A lot of people think that combining different metals is a straightforward process. However, that’s not the case in any of the fields that need welders … Read More

Why Do You Need Welding Curtains/Screens – Top Picks (2023 Reviews)

What Are Welding Curtains / Screens? While welding, one must take caution. It is a life-threatening hazard if not done following the set procedure. Welding curtains or screens create a barrier between the welder and the rest of the surroundings. Laminated vinyl material manufactures these screens. It has a tensile … Read More

The Ultimate Guide About Weld Backing


What is Weld Backing? In a nutshell, weld backing simply means the system of placing a backing material at the root or base of a weld joint to facilitate a complete joint penetration. The backing strip placed at the base of a weld joint will prevent the molten metal from … Read More

How to Weld Mufflers and Exhausts


This is the ultimate guide when it comes to welding either mufflers or exhausts. Regardless of what part you want to weld the steps and techniques are almost the same and we will provide guidance if something is different in each scenario. Let’s examine what method should you use. What … Read More

Everything To Know About Pulse Welding


If you are using a TIG welder to weld aluminum, this can be a tricky process. This is because aluminum requires more heat than mild steel does. This may be anywhere in the range of 21 to 24 Volts. If you are welding aluminum that is as thick as 14 … Read More

How To Weld Without A Welder


Using a welder is the first thing that comes to mind when you have to join two metal pieces. After all, it takes high heat to bring the metals into a plasma state to become one continuous surface after they cool down. But what if you want to join two … Read More

Best Flux Core Welders – 2023 Reviews


Flux core welding and general MIG welding are very similar methods used for outdoor and indoor welding works. However, the flux core is a far more superior way to deal with welding tasks on metals subjected to galvanization, rusting, and others. Therefore, a flux core welder is a far more … Read More

How to TIG Weld Aluminum – Step by Step (Amps, Voltage, Gas, And More)


Aluminum is a unique metal that offers many advantages. Those advantages make it an excellent choice for many projects. Therefore, it’s not uncommon to perform TIG welding on aluminum. In this article, you will find information about every aspect of TIG welds on aluminum. This guide contains extremely valuable information … Read More