Types of Welding Processes And Techniques – Complete Guide


For more than a hundred years, mankind has created many large or complex metallic structures. The process of joining two pieces of metal also known to us as welding had an important role in that effort. Over the years different needs created the foundation for developing many types of welding … Read More

Underwater (Hyperbaric) Welding Salary: Based on Task And Location Calculation


With the evolution of technology, welding has gained considerable importance in different manufacturing industries and structural applications. In this article, underwater welding and different aspects of underwater welding will be discussed. Underwater welding is also known as hyperbaric welding is one of the most difficult jobs that exist in this … Read More

Applications and Properties: Different Types of Metal


Whether it is a home appliance or crucial equipment of industry, Metals have always been the building blocks of conventional machines and big structures. With the evolution of humankind’s knowledge, the constant development because science and engineering have opened new doors to material discoveries and their properties optimization. Due to … Read More