Ultimate Guide On Post-Weld Heat Treatment


One of the essential assets of operation and maintenance in the chemical industries, including the upstream, midstream, and downstream sectors of the petroleum industry, is welding. On many occasions, after a weld occurs, a very popular process occurs. It’s called post-weld heat treatment. It is considered a handy application, if not … Read More

Best Miller Welder (MIG, TIG, Stick, Flux-Cored) in 2020


When it comes to welding, MIller is a brand that has a really good reputation. For many years, a lot of welders buy MIller machines due to their craftsmanship and reliability. In this article, we have compared the latest Miller Welding Machines. We have created two separate lists for MIG … Read More

Best Regulators And Flowmeters For TIG or MIG Welding


A welding regulator is a tiny device that does a big job of regulating the pressure inside the liquid cylinders. It ensures a positive flow of gases while the welding process goes on. These regulators help to adjust the gas based on the metal that needs to be welded. Regulators … Read More

How Much Do CNC Machines Cost – Guide for Finding the Right One


Computer Numerical Control cutting, otherwise known as CNC cutting for short, was one of the key developments in 20th-century industrial technology once the first C was added with the advent of computers. Advancements in modern technology have continued to drive the CNC industry in the opening decades of the 21st … Read More

The Ultimate Guide in Salt Bath Annealing


Annealing is a technique that craftsmen use. However, a particular method is extremely popular among shooters. I am writing about salt bath annealing. Experienced shooters use it to alter the mechanical properties of the bullet case. In this article, I will mention the benefits of this method. Also, I will … Read More

Types of Welding Joints & Their Symbols – Ultimate Guide 2021


Welding is an important manufacturing technique that is being used worldwide. Due to advances in technology, science is growing very fast and the same is happening in this industry. Nowadays, engineers and welders from different parts of the world have to work together and have great performance. The solution to … Read More

Weld Through Primer: Complete Guide And Best Products


Any structure that is made out of steel has to be protected from the elements. One area that is sometimes overlooked is the welding seams. As a marine engineer, I have learned some ways to protect thousands of miles of welding seams in ships. So, I decided to write a … Read More