Why Do You Need Welding Curtains/Screens – Top Picks (2023 Reviews)

What Are Welding Curtains / Screens?

While welding, one must take caution. It is a life-threatening hazard if not done following the set procedure. Welding curtains or screens create a barrier between the welder and the rest of the surroundings. Laminated vinyl material manufactures these screens. It has a tensile strength of more than 400 lbs. During the welding process, the molten metal emits sparks and very tiny flames. These sparks are dangerous. There is a risk of fire, burns, and other health hazards associated with them.

One must exercise precautions before initiating the process of welding. Welders should take special care to remove all fire hazards from the vicinity so that nothing catches fire from these sparks. These sparks can fly away to a distance of up to 10 meters. If there is any combustible material around this area, it is very likely to catch fire. Welding screens prevent such hazards and keep everyone safe.

Usage and Benefits

It is known that welding is hazardous, especially if welders do not follow correct safety measures. A safe environment is necessary to avoid possible mishaps. Welders wear specific jackets, helmets, gloves, and eye-protecting gear to protect themselves. However, the environment should also remain safe. If there is something within proximity that can easily catch fire, the sparks will ignite it.

It is the reason that inventors have come up with special equipment such as welding screens. It is not always necessary that welding is in a designated space. To cordon off the area, one can place such screens to keep the welders operating in an enclosed space. It makes sure that the rest of the area is safe, not only from the risk of fire but also from the harmful light emitted during welding. 

Manufacturing a welding screen using strong vinyl material is ideal. It provides a barrier and can resist extreme heat from the welding equipment. These welding curtains help in minimizing the risks of welding and keep everyone safe. Their usage lessens workplace injuries for welders.

Besides offering safety in the area where welders work, welding screens have several other benefits. 

Noise Reduction

The welding process produces too much noise apart from the heat. This noise is problematic for everyone around. Welding curtains can minimize this noise and the risk of hearing problems if you use them properly.

Temperature Control

Since welding is done at a too-high temperature, welders have to wear protective gear to keep themselves safe. However, the people around do not have the same equipment. This is where the welding curtains come! They are essential to keep the heat emitted from the process under control.

Welding Fumes Control

Another by-product of welding is the fumes that originate from the process. The welders wear respirators to protect themselves, but what about others? The welding curtain shields the rest of the premises from harmful gases and keeps others protected as well.

Safe Welding Zone

The construction and automotive industries use welding to a great extent. It is not always possible to transfer the objects to a designated area for welding. The problem arises as the space remains no longer safe for anyone. Welding screens solve this problem with ease. They can be set up anywhere in the building. These screens usually have wheels, and you can take them from one location to another.

What to Consider Before Buying a Welding Screen?

The welding screen protects from fire and other health hazards. They are a crucial part of the protection gear for welding. Construction regulatory authorities recommend using welding screens in workshops to ensure the safety of workers. Quality welding screens bring long-term safety precautions and contribute to productivity.

When you consider buying a welding screen for your workers, it contemplates various factors. The presence of these features adds to the significance of the welding curtain. 

Quality of Welding Screens

The quality of materials that manufacture the welding curtain affects its usefulness. If the material is of high quality, it provides better protection against the harmful consequences of welding. 

Heat & Electrical Conductivity

The welding screen that provides maximum protection against heat and electrical conductivity is the best. It should protect against fire in a hazard. 


Welding screens often have weld-view windows. It allows us to see across the curtain. The material used in making welding screens is not transparent but translucent. It still successfully blocks harmful U.V. rays during welding. The manufacturer welds seams of welding screens for high resistance from wear and tear. 


The size of a welding screen matters a lot when you are planning on purchasing one. The screens are made according to your specifications, sticking to the correct dimensions. If it is not the correct size, the welders will not feel comfortable working inside it.


The thickness of the material we use in producing a welding screen should be just right. Welders often stick to a thickness of 1 mm. The lower-quality welding screens get easily damaged. Thick welding screens guarantee more fire resistance. 


Experienced foremen swear by the longevity of welding screens. Although industrial-strength screens are expensive, they are durable and still provide functionality for years. 


The appearance of a welding screen matters, as well. These welding screens are usually color-coded, and the color reflects the type of work that the welder is doing inside it. 


The price of a welding shield is a factor worth considering. It helps one decide if they can afford it. If the price is too high, you will ignore its usage altogether. If the price is too low, it means the material used in its production is not of high quality. Select a welding screen that suits your budget.

Standards & Warranty

The welding curtain you choose should meet all standards and regulations. It ensures that it complies with the safety measures set by the authorities.

Difference between a Welding Screen and a Cloth Curtain

One could question the difference between using any ordinary curtain in place of a welding screen. How would it affect if we use them interchangeably? The answer is, if one plans to hang a cloth curtain or cloth around the area where welders are working, he is rather inviting a fire hazard. It is because commonly used cloth curtains are made of cotton. This cloth will catch fire, even if the sparks being produced by the welding procedure come in contact with the cloth curtain. This fire will rapidly spread anywhere in the building and cause unimaginable damage.

The cloth curtain will also not protect against fumes. These fumes will affect the lungs of all other workers. The noise emitted during welding will also remain constant if you use a cloth curtain.

Given the dangers a cloth curtain poses, there is a reason that welders use special screens in welding. It shields welders from the adverse effect of the whole process while also keeping the area safe from fire hazards. The proper placement of these curtains can prevent workers from workplace injuries and illnesses related to the eyes and lungs. It minimizes fire hazards, apart from protecting against so many other adverse effects of welding.

Top Picks in Welding Screens / Curtains

1. Mophorn Welding Screen 

This welding screen by Steiner Industries is of a charcoal gray color. Thick and durable vinyl material is used in making this welding curtain. The temperature of the area where welders are working tends to rise. This welding screen protects onlookers and by-passers from harmful U.V. light rays and sparks from welding.

It is 0.35 mm thick and reduces the usual flash from the welding generator. The welding screen gives you a vast choice of gray, orange, yellow, and olive green colors to choose from. The material is fire-resistant and waterproof.

There are 4 wheels attached to the bottom of the screen. It helps in mobility and relocating the screen.

The curtain has an excellent finish to it. The sides come affixed with brass grommets that are thick enough. It is straightforward to install and set up. You can use the frame attachment system to adjust the size of the curtain. The screen encloses an area of up to 6 square feet while you are welding.

It is the best choice for repairing stations, workshops, the automobile industry, construction, and industrial use.


  • It covers large welding areas
  • It comes with a 4-wheeled frame to relocate
  • The welding screen is adjustable according to your choice
  • The curtain has 16 grommets in all
  • Multi-panel configuration
  • Available in three different colors
  • Available in 6′ x 6′ size
  • High U.V. protection
  • Can endure heat up to 150⁰ F
  • It can be assembled easily


  • Too costly when you have to use it for multi-panel configuration
  • Flimsy material, not suitable for heavy-duty use

2. Revco 6X6VF1-ORA Saf-Vu Welding Screen

The welding screen is made of translucent material that lets the passer-by visibility and still protects them from the harmful effects of welding. The flame-resistant vinyl is of superior quality that protects from poisonous fumes and sparks while welding.

This welding screen comes with an adjustable frame of 6 square feet dimensions. The frame is made of sturdy metal. You can snap the joints together and assemble the frame to fit the screen inside it.

You can attach the welding screen to the frame using cable ties that are included in the package. The screen is quick to measure, cut, and set up according to your preference. You can put all of it together in less than 10 minutes.

The color of the welding screen is orange. It is used at lower frequencies and, therefore, will not be beneficial for heavier welding jobs. There must be other options available for this product.

This welding screen is the top pick of customers on various buying sites. It is best suited for small shop projects when your welders do not have to deal with heavy-duty industrial jobs.


  • The frame is made of rigid material
  • Flame-resistant vinyl is used
  • Link multiple panels with ease to increase the perimeter of the welding area
  • The thickness of the welding screen is 14 mil
  • Dimensions of the welding screen are 6′ x 6′


  • Only available in orange color 
  • Does not have wheels for mobility and relocation

3. Steiner 501-6X8 Protect-O-Screen

This classic welding screen by Steiner Industries comes with a heavy-duty, thick canvas curtain in olive green color. It protects the workers and workplace from burns, injuries, and other hazards.

The frame of this welding curtain is made using 18-gauge steel. It has 24 inches of legs attached to it that are sued to stand the frame upright. The design of the frame is square. It guarantees less slipping and twisting as compared to round tubes and frames.

It is effortless to assemble and set up. The modular design helps add, remove, or replace panels to adapt to new requirements.

The welding screen provides safety inside the welding area from sparks, flashes, and U.V. light rays. It not only provides peace of mind but also increases productivity. The canvas curtain is sprayed with fire-proof material that helps to reduce the risk of fire hazards.


  • Dimensions of the welding screen are 6′ x 8′
  • The frame is made of strong metal, and it does not twist or lose its shape
  • You can turn the legs of the frame at 90 degrees angle to avoid coming in the way of a multi-panel configuration
  • A wide range of multi-panel adjustments is possible with ease
  • The product weighs 21 lbs.
  • Welding curtain is fire-proof canvas material
  • Square tube frame design


  • Over-priced for a welding curtain
  • It does not have wheels to move around easily

4. VIZ-PRO Vinyl Welding Curtain/Welding Screen

This welding screen by VIZ-PRO is fire retardant, waterproof and abrasion-resistant. It protects workers and other things on the premises where welders are working. The screen keeps harmful U.V. rays, fumes, and sparks from reaching beyond the welding curtain. 

The screen is made of thick fire-proof material and is available in many colors and sizes. You can choose one according to your requirements. Multi-panel adjustments can be made to increase the size and dimension of the screen as you want.

The frame is durable and easy to set up. Black powder-coated carbon steel makes up the frame. The welding curtain has PVC grommets instead of metal ones. Elastic ropes that come with the package tie the screen with the frame. It offers flexibility. 

The welding screen’s translucent material protects onlookers’ eyes from harsh light emitted by the welding machine. Besides, it allows little light to pass through.

You can use this welding screen in various places, such as construction sites and the automobile industry.


  • Available in assorted colors
  • It comes with a frame that is easy to assemble
  • Provides excellent protection
  • The welding screen is made of the flame-resistant vinyl material
  • Variable price ranges to choose from
  • PVC grommets are embedded into the curtain
  • The product weighs 18.25 lbs.


  • The legs of the frame are not solid enough to bear the weight of the whole product
  • The bottom feet in the frame have no locking position and would spin around if you are not careful

5. Shark 14866 Stur-D-Screen

This welding screen by Shark gives you maximum protection against the adverse effect of welding. The harmful U.V. rays, poisonous fumes, and sparks that could ignite objects and equipment around the area are enclosed with this welding screen’s help.

It weighs 23.1 lbs. it comes with a strong frame to suspend the welding screen. The square stainless steel tubing remains rust-free. The frame comes with legs to support its weight.

The screen is lightweight and portable, making it easy to relocate and move to any area of your choice. The industrial standard, heavy-duty vinyl, helps the welding screen on giving maximum results. 

This product’s durable and sturdy nature ensures that it will be of use for a long time. The welding screen also serves as a privacy screen when required.

It provides protection and is widely used. 


  • The product weighs 23.1 lbs which is easy to move around
  • 100% protection against U.V. radiation
  • 100% protection against blue light
  • The square steel tubing of the frame makes it durable
  • The welding screen is a heavy-duty vinyl
  • Multi-panel adjustments are possible according to your requirement


  • The frame of this welding screen does not come with it

6. Sellstrom S97301 Welding Curtain

This welding curtain from Sellstrom will give your workers protection against ultra-violet light and infrared radiation.

The curtain is made from translucent vinyl material that protects from the harmful effects of welding. The sparks that fly away during the process can ignite any vulnerable objects placed nearby. The welding curtain can save you from fire hazards and burns. There are three color options to choose from, green, orange, and yellow.

There is no frame or stand to hang the welding curtain; however, there are grommets in place that are used to hang it anywhere you want. You can purchase additional frames separately for the suspension of the welding curtain.

The hem of this welding curtain is sewn which adds to its durability and resilience. The material is mildew resistant as well. Metal grommets are in place evenly at a space of 12 inches. It ensures uniform hanging of the welding curtain.

The welding curtain meets many safety standards set by the authorities. It is OSHA compliant and meets ANSI/ FM 4960 standards. It is also compatible with the criteria of the California State Fire Marshall’s specifications. It meets NFPA 701.


  • Available in assorted colors
  • It is made of 14 mils translucent vinyl material
  • Mildew resistant material
  • Grommets are present on 12 inches spacing for hanging the curtain evenly
  • Translucency enables partial visibility across the welding curtain
  • The package includes hangers and zip-ties
  • Large enough to cover a vast space


  • This welding curtain does not come with a stand or frame

7. Tillman 604R68 Welding Curtain

This protective welding curtain by Tillman is an excellent choice when it comes to affordability and productivity. 

This welding curtain is made from blue translucent vinyl. It protects from U.V. light and burns from heat produced during welding. It is 14 mils thick and also provides optical protection to the passerby. The blue color of the welding curtain is soothing to the eyes.

This welding curtain is specially designed to disperse the arc image. It helps the light go back into the welding area, which improves the visibility of the welder. The welding curtain is well fabricated, and you can use it in any place where heavy-duty blue vinyl is required.

Tillman welding curtain does not come with a frame to suspend it and thus requires the MIG-welding method to install it. You can purchase a frame separately to affix it near your welding area. The quality of vinyl is industrial, and the flexibility gives it a bonus.

Tilman welding curtain is CFM-approved, which means it passes all specified tests and qualifies for all CFM requirements.


  • The welding curtain is lightweight and can easily be hung anywhere
  • Grommets are present on each side for comfortable suspension
  • The thickness of the curtain is reasonable
  • Moderately priced welding curtain that does not dig a hole in your pocket
  • This welding curtain comes in a brilliant blue color


  • No stand or frame is included in the package

8. Welding Curtain by Steiner

Steiner Industries is a trusted name in developing standard equipment for the safety of construction workers. They have manufactured a welding curtain that is one of a kind.

The design of this charcoal gray welding curtain is excellent. It keeps the hazardous effects of welding away from passers-by and onlookers. It protects harmful U.V. light and extra heat from invading the place. The welding curtain by Steiner reduces noise from welding as well.

The thickness of the curtain is 14 mil or 0.35mm. It is sturdy and durable enough to last a long time.

Grommets are placed all over the sides of the welding curtain for convenient suspension. These grommets are made of metal and are placed 12 inches apart.

This curtain disperses the arc image. It allows light into the place of work and also reduces the visible flash.

The finished hems of the welding curtain are there to provide more sustainability to the product. The size of this welding curtain is enormous. It will enclose the welding area and protect the rest of the place and keep it safe.

California Fire Marshal approves the welding curtain by Steiner industries.


  • Lightweight welding curtain at just 3.54 lbs.
  • The curtain covers a lot of workspaces. Its dimensions are 6 x 8 feet
  • The smoke-gray color is appealing to the eyes
  • Available in different sizes


  • No color options are available in this welding curtain

Material Used in Manufacturing of Welding Curtain

Sturdy and durable vinyl makes welding curtains. It has to withstand higher temperatures, up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The vinyl is usually laminated to provide an extra barrier. The welding curtain ensures the safety of welders and everyone around them. PVC is also used to manufacture welding curtains. They are tough and heavy-duty. PVC lessens the sound produced during welding to a certain extent.

The fire-proof feature is a must when considering the material to make a welding curtain. The curtain is usually translucent which blocks harmful radiations and absorbs frequencies so that the welders can work in a safe environment.

Investing in a welding curtain is a wise decision. It does not matter whether you are at a construction site or in your garage back home, or even at a welding school, where students learn the skill of welding. A welding curtain shields others from the harmful effects of welding.


A right welding curtain is fire resilient. It enables a safe working environment for the welder and the people working around them. The process of welding causes fiery sparks to fly away. When the pieces of metal are soldered together, the welding machine emits poisonous gases. The resulting loud noise and flashes of light can damage human organs in this process. A lot of harm is caused by welding if we do not follow precautions. A welding curtain will restrict the welding area and protect the workers and welders. Safety always comes first. Remember to take all necessary precautions and wear welding gear before beginning welding. Be sure to follow the set procedure in case of emergencies if the need arises.

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