Best TIG Welder Reviews in 2023 – Pick the Right One For Your Project

TIG welding is an extremely popular type of process among professionals. TIG stands for Tungsten Inert Gas because this welding machine uses Tungsten together with an inert gas to weld. Welders use this method for various tasks. However, some TIG welders are better for performing a specific project than others. In this guide, you will have all the needed information to pick the right one for you.

What Are The Best TIG Welders

Before comparing all the different machines, it is essential for the reader to understand the process. Therefore, I will write some basics facts about TIG welders so you will be able to compare the machines more effectively.

Tungsten is the metal from which the electrode rod of the welder is made and, unlike the traditional MMA arc welding machine, it does not reach the melting point, which is at 3,422 degrees, and therefore does not wear out. Its task is to ignite an incandescent arc that fuses the two lips of the metal, or metals, to be sewn so that they weld together as soon as they cool. This system does not make use of additional filler material, as in the electrodes of the MMA system where it is incorporated, and if it is welded with the help of a third material, it must be added separately, during welding, by coupling to the filler metal bar system.

The inert gas, on the other hand, has the task of protecting the melt bath from oxidation. This gas, unlike the oxygen used in other types of welding, preserves the liquid metal from a gaseous combination that would lead it to weaken. Generally, the gas used is Argon, at least for surface type welds. If, on the other hand, you have to work in-depth on materials of medium or high thickness, or alloys with high electrical conductivity, such as aluminum, or copper, then it is better to use helium. Gas has a cost, so the first rule is to avoid wasting it. The combination of gas and tungsten is done through a device called a torch.

Top Picks for 2023

To guide you in choosing your first TIG welder we have chosen the best models produced with an excellent reputation among the welders. These are excellent products each with its pros and cons, perfect for seriously starting TIG welding.

Being a complex type of welding that requires good skills in arc welding, the models chosen should be taken into consideration only after having done some practice and it was decided that the way of TIG welding is the one you want to continue. We have taken into account the expert opinion of welders in the industry (mainly the shipping

1. AHP AlphaTIG TIG Welder – Best Value For The Money

AHP AlphaTIG TIG Welder is a TIG type welding machine capable of working regularly with the MMA arc system, using all types of electrodes, both basic and rutile, and cast iron. Its torch is designed for TIG welding and mounts tungsten electrodes that vary in thickness from 1.6 mm to 4 mm, with a maximum amperage peak of 125 amperes. The optimal working capacity, when the amperage is almost at the maximum, then pushed to 115 amperes, is 60%, while at the peak of 125 amperes, and surrounding temperature of 40 degrees, drops to 7%.

Unlike other less performing models, this TIG welding machine can work, without any particular power loss, also connected to an external generator, and, of course, can be connected to the home network. As far as materials are concerned, it is excellent for both copper and aluminum welding, and works perfectly on all ferrous and steel materials, including stainless steel. Its welds meet the standard of quality and cleanliness expected from a TIG welder, and using it, after the necessary tests and experience, is quite easy even for beginners. Although it is quite small, compared to more performing welders, this TIG welder is equipped with Arc force and Anti stick functions, which are very useful to facilitate the work, especially for the less experienced. Even if it is part of the economic product range, this TIG welder is excellent to perform good quality and professional-level work, and has, from its own, the great handling due to its weight and small size, compared to its bigger sisters.

It is perfect for use with aluminum and magnesium (setting it to work with the alternating current) and with steel, both stainless and common, and copper (setting it in direct current mode). Adjusting the settings is very intuitive and the tool is easy to use even for those coming from a different model. The welds obtained with AHP AlphaTIG TIG Welder are resistant and of excellent appearance, as well as being able to be obtained with a remarkable working speed.

Overall an excellent tool suitable not for absolute beginners of welding but that can be good for those who approach TIG welding coming from arc welding or even for professionals who are looking for a tool to transport for jobs that must necessarily be carried out outside workshop.

Overall, it is a product suitable for those who are looking for a first welding machine decidedly oriented towards TIG welding without abandoning the classic arc welding completely. It can, therefore, be said that versatility is the real strength of the AHP AlphaTIG TIG Welder.


  • It also allows for MMA electrode welding
  • Excellent amperage regulation
  • Additional functions, such as Hot Start and Arc Force
  • Perfect for multiple materials, such as steel, cast iron, aluminum
  • Portable and light, with integrated shoulder strap and a weight of 9 kg


  • The cables for the electrode are very short
  • Mask included not the best

2. Forney 322 Multi-Process Welder – Ideal For Beginners

This model allows you to weld with the classic MMA technology any type of electrode, rutile, basic, cast iron and anything that can come to mind. It is equipped with a torch for use with tungsten electrodes for TIG welding with a diameter of between 1.6 mm and 4 mm and the maximum amperage it reaches is 125 amps. The actual work if the welder is pushed to 115 amps is 60% while in extreme conditions, therefore bringing it to 125 amps in an environment with a temperature of 40 degrees centigrade it drops to 7%. It does not present particular problems if connected to an external generator for power supply.

It easily welds aluminum, copper, stainless steel and normal steel and other metals with a high-level aesthetic result, as on the other hand is expected from a TIG welding. The tool is simple to use and has features that have now become almost an arc force and anti-sticking standard to make the process easier to perform even by the less experienced.

Forney 322 Multi-Process Welder makes its strength its small size and lightness, it is certainly a very valid tool to consider if what you want is a fairly basic TIG welder but that can be easily transported to the place where you need to perform the works. If you need more working power, a very similar model from the same manufacturer is available which can reach an amperage of 150 amps.


  • Best welding machine among the professional ones
  • Able to weld in both AC and DC, for greater versatility
  • It works very well also with MMA electrode
  • The exceptional panel, equipped with multiple adjustments
  • Perfect for many metals, more or less hard
  • Very robust and durable


  • It is a fairly heavy welder

3. S7 110V/220V TIG Welder – Small Welder

This tig welder, unlike the other models, is equipped with a cooling valve created specifically to maintain the right temperature and ensure that the tool always works perfectly. It will, therefore, be possible to carry out precise processing for long periods. This welder is considered among the best on the market because it is equipped with two wire-feeding rollers that allow you to carry out work quickly, without interruptions, and with protection created specifically to avoid the danger of thermal overload.

This welding machine is sold with various accessories including a protection mask, a brush, and a hammer and for this reason, it is among the best sold on the internet. It is efficient and at the same time very economic welding machine; performance: its cooling valve maintains the right and constant temperature, ensuring efficient processing while the wire feed rollers guarantee rapid welding without interruptions.


  • Welding machine complete with excellent accessories
  • It also allows for MMA electrode welding
  • Usable for steel and various alloys
  • Excellent versatility, thanks to the knobs to adjust the amperage and power of the arc
  • Portable and fairly light, with adjustable shoulder strap
  • Rather simple to use even for beginners
  • The price is very attractive


  • More predisposed to short-term jobs
  • Slightly short electrode cables

4. Lotos CT520D

Lotos CT520D TIG Welder is an efficient and reliable product for both domestic and external work. Unlike the other welding machines, it is very quiet and light, with its 6 kg, it is recommended for both repair and maintenance work on railings, bodywork, gates, iron, steel, and cast-iron sheets since it is equipped with a function that allows control of electricity supply from 10 to 200 amps.

It has been specially designed for welding electrodes up to 4.5 mm and the anti-sticking mode allows you to immediately detach the electrode from the material being welded if an unexpected gluing occurs. It is equipped with innovative inverter technology which, unlike the basic models, provides an electric current similar to the continuous but more efficient one and greatly reduces both consumption and the problem related to the difficult insertion of the electrode, ensuring a stable arc; the hot-Start system has been designed to make primers easier, especially the most difficult ones since it adds more power to the start to avoid metal-related defects in the joint; anti-sticking is another technology that characterizes the Lotos CT520D welding machine and is very important as it allows the user to quickly detach the electrode, avoiding that it sticks to the welded material; Arc Force is a feature that avoids the risk of the arc going out. It is a technology that efficiently manages and increases amps when needed so that stable welding is achieved.


  • Made with IGBT inverter technology
  • Hot Start and Arc Force functions for excellent results
  • Thanks to Anti Sticking, it protects you from accidental gluing
  • Semi-professional welding quality
  • Light and portable, with shoulder strap
  • Can also be used by beginners and hobbyists


  • The instructions are very rough
  • To improve its functioning, you may need some accessories

5. Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 TIG Welder

If you want to buy a tig welding machine that works on aluminum and sheet metal objects, Lincoln Electric Precision TIG 225 TIG Welder is certainly for you. It is one of the best welding machines on the market and this is confirmed by the reviews of the customers who bought it and by the higher price compared to the welding machines mentioned so far. It is one of the most performing since among the features, it is equipped with, there is one that allows the management of the welding current from 10 to 200 amps and is equipped with an HF ignition.

It is an excellent quality welder, starting from the materials used for its assembly which gives it a solid and robust structure.

It is not a light model like the others mentioned above because it weighs 117 kg and therefore its use is mainly aimed inside a workshop and is not easily transportable. The innovative technology with which this Tig welding machine is equipped guarantees remarkable performance and is especially suitable for the processing of aluminum; the materials of which it is made make it more robust and solid than other welding machines and this ensures long life.


  • Professional quality AC / DC welding at 200 A
  • Also ideal for welding with MMA electrode
  • Perfect for steel, aluminum, and various alloys
  • Very resistant, with a shockproof external body
  • Shoulder strap included, for a more mobile use


  • Compared to other models, the price is much higher
  • Rather high weight

6. Everlast PowerTIG

Everlast PowerTIG is appreciated both by expert welders and by beginners; the plant can perform welds on any kind of metal, but it is suitable especially for the welding of aluminum and derived alloys.

The Everlast PowerTIG is a single-phase inverter welding machine specifically designed to perform TIG welding, i.e. with tungsten infusible electrode under inert gas protection, DC, AC, and pulsed current. It is built to offer maximum performance even in severe environmental conditions and is designed for both RC remote control and connection to the motor-generator.

Its adjustment range goes from 20A to 160A and can be easily managed thanks to the digital control panel; in the package, in addition to the welding machine, the ground clamp and the electrode holder, the TIG torch, the TIG kit, the gas hose, and the instructions are included.


  • Versatile: Although designed primarily as a TIG welding machine for aluminum, the Everlast PowerTIG can also perform MMA welds with electrodes up to 4 mm, and is therefore also suitable for working on steel, nickel, copper, and titanium.
  • Compact and portable: The weight is only 25 kilograms, it is equipped with a handle and is designed to work in difficult environmental conditions, so it is ideal for external interventions.
  • Easy to handle: The digital control panel allows you to make the various adjustments in a simple, efficient, and above all precise, so it is also recommended for beginners.


  • Instructions: According to some buyers the instructions are very technical, so a minimum of experience is required to use it properly.


PRIMEWELD IGBT AC/DC TIG-Welder features high-frequency arc initiation and non-contact ignition, advanced 2T/4T power control, IGBT technology, and high-performance cooling system, with two high-speed fans to extend the life of the device. Analogies with the PRIMEWELD IGBT AC/DC TIG-Welder also include the ability to perform MMA and manual welds in non-stick mode, ARC Force and quick start, as well as output current adjustment in a range from 10 to 200 Amps.

Depending on the scope of the missions, you adjust the intensity of the device on the electronic range between 20 – 160 A. The TIG process uses electrodes and inert gases to make the task a reality. The resulting shaping is impeccable and neat. Most of the time, it is used to weld thin carbon steel sheets and stainless steel tubes or thin tubes.

With the various characteristics at its disposal, this product is normally intended for waterproof welds. Also, it can be adjusted in two different ways: by AC WIG of 20-200 A, and by DC Wig of 5- 200 A. The energy transfer of this article takes place by an AC / DC power supply. These acronyms mean that the device operates on alternating or direct current with a voltage of 230 V.


  • Adjustable intensity: If you are a professional, this model will be of great help to you for carrying out different types of work. Indeed, you can adjust its power from 20 to 160 A. So, you will have no trouble getting to the end of thin tubes, stainless steel tubes as well as thin sheets of carbon steel. Also, this intensity allows you to have neat and quality renderings.
  • Safe use: This model works in 2/4 time and has the advantage of being remotely controllable. As a result, the risk of work accidents and burns cannot take place. Also, with thermostatic protection, your device will not experience problems of overvoltage, overcurrent or Undervoltage. This will avoid the risk of fire and you will always be able to rest easy when using it.
  • Compactness: This equipment measures 41 cm long, 29 cm wide and 15.2 cm high. Because of its size, you can install or use it in a small space without cluttering up. Besides, it will be easier to store and transport.
  • Versatility: With its power of 230 V AC / DC, this model can weld all types of materials besides metal. It can also process steel, stainless steel, titanium, copper, nickel, aluminum, magnesium, and their alloys. You can then weld and assemble most of your objects.


  • Use: For novices, this model is a bit complicated to use. It should be used from time to time to familiarize yourself with its operation.

8. Weldpro ACDC Stick/TIG Welder

Weldpro ACDC Stick/TIG Welder is an inverter arc welding machine that works very well with all available MMA electrodes with a diameter of between 1.6 and 3.2 mm. It was chosen for its excellent ability to adapt also to welding with a tungsten electrode and inert gas to protect the melting bath.

The torch to be able to use it for TIG welding, as for other entry-level models, must be purchased separately. Used at 130 amps, the maximum amperage that can be set, the work cycle is 90%, i.e. that in 10 minutes of work 9 will be effective welding while 1 will be necessary for the instrument for cooling. This makes it the fastest of the TIG welding machines reviewed. Use at home can be difficult as consumption is 3.9 kW and therefore the classic 3 or 3.5 kW meters will not support the use of the instrument at maximum power.

The use in TIG mode allows us to easily weld steel, copper, aluminum, and nickel and the anti-stick technology also allows the less expert user to avoid unwanted gluing of the electrode to the surface on which it is working. As per the characteristic of TIG welding, the appearance of the bead is always appreciable.

Weldpro ACDC Stick/TIG Welder should be chosen if you need a welding machine that allows TIG welding that is versatile and above all that allows a high working speed. It is a good option for those who work with an arc and therefore need to maintain a certain volume of work but do not want to preclude the possibility of entering the world of TIG welding.


  • Economical: One of the strengths of Weldpro ACDC Stick/TIG Welder is that it has a relatively low price, especially taking into account the discreet versatility offered with regard to the materials that can be welded.
  • Lightweight: With a weight of only 6 kilograms it can be transported almost anywhere with minimal effort, so it is ideal especially for those who use it for small interventions on site.
  • Simple and versatile: The adjustments are easy to make and the degree of versatility is also good, as it can use electrodes of different diameters both basic and rutile; the materials it can weld are also different: iron, steel, nickel, and cast iron.


  • Performance: All in all, the performance is good, especially in TIG welding, but with thicker electrodes, it begins to go under stress.

9. Everlast PowerTIG 185 TIG Welder

Everlast PowerTIG 185 TIG Welder is a perfect model for those who have already been in the world of TIG welders for a while. It is a classic inverter arc welder that can be used as a common MMA welder. It has everything needed for mounting the TIG torch with tungsten electrodes from 1.6 to 3.2 mm in diameter and shielding gas.

It has a lower amperage, reaching “only” at 150 amps but it has a better working cycle, of 48% which translated means that in 10 working minutes the effective welding will be just under 5.

As far as compatible electrodes are concerned, Everlast PowerTIG 185 TIG Welder can be used with all classic diameters, from 1.6 to 4 millimeters. TIG welding is possible by purchasing the torch separately to combine the electrode with the protection gas of the fusion bath and works with the Everlast TIG Welder system that allows the smear trigger just like the PowerTIG 185 model. The attack on the home electricity network is not a problem, since the maximum power absorbed is 3 kW, in line with most household meters.

Used in TIG mode, the welding machine allows welding on usually difficult materials such as aluminum, nickel or stainless steel. Help to the beginner of TIG welding comes from the now-standard anti-stick system that allows remedying any errors during welding that lead the electrode to stick to the work surface.

Among the four welding machines proposed, it is the one that best suits the use with the home network, since it works very well even with a meter of only 3 kW but it is to be excluded if you are looking for something that will also allow professional use of the device.


  • Versatile: Everlast PowerTIG 185 TIG Welder is mainly intended for professionals, but its features make it very versatile and suitable also for novice welders.
  • Multi-process: The system allows you to perform three different types of welding: manual MIG with wire tension and speed regulation, synergic MIG with wire and thickness selection, electrode, and TIG Lift Arc.
  • Intuitive panel: The control interface is clear and intuitive, equipped with two LCDs that facilitate the setting of parameters; in the coil compartment, there is also a table with data for quick set-up.


  • Pulse mode: It costs less but unfortunately it lacks an important operating mode, which is that of pulsed current.

10. Amico TIG-225 Welding Machine – Cheap TIG Welder

Amico TIG-225 Welding Machine uses an inverter system and is more powerful than the model seen above. This machine is also able to work using an MMA arc system and it is possible to mount all types of electrodes, steel and stainless steel, basic and rutile. Its torch houses tungsten electrodes with a maximum diameter of 4 mm and is equipped with a TIG SCRATCH system that serves to trigger the welding arc with the smear technique. Its working cycle, when it is pushed to 170 amperes, i.e. at maximum power, touches 40% of the working time, so you can work continuously 4 minutes every 10 minutes.

This TIG welding machine can also weld connected to the normal domestic grid, but the three-kilowatt meter is sufficient only if you use it at reduced power, because its absorption when it is used at full capacity, needs a higher-end meter, i.e. 4.5 kWh.

Amico TIG-225 Welding Machine is prepared by the manufacturer as a TIG welding machine, even if the original packaging does not include the torch and the cylinder with the protective gas, so if you want to use it with the inert gas and tungsten system, you will have to buy the necessary separately. As with all TIG welders you have to be careful not to touch the material when you weld, even more so in this one, which is more powerful. Luckily Amico TIG-225 Welding Machine is equipped with an Anti stick, which is the system that makes it easier for you even in case of electrode bonding to the material.

This TIG welder can weld any material, so aluminum, copper, nickel, magnesium and all ferrous materials, including stainless steel. Its welding wire is aesthetically impeccable when it is correctly made. On the other hand, choosing this TIG welding machine, perfectly able to work with the traditional arc system, allows you to start practicing with the classic welds and then switch easily to the tungsten and inert gas system. It’s a cheap budget-friendly TIG welder.


  • Quality: Despite being an economical TIG welding machine, it meets the high production standards.
  • Compact and lightweight: This welding machine also has a compact size and a weight of only 6 kilograms, so it is particularly suitable for hobbyists who work mainly outdoors.
  • Complete with accessories: In addition to the welder, the package includes a grounding cable, and MMA welding cable with electrode holder, the TIG burner, two locking sleeves, three ceramic gas nozzles and more.


  • For hobby use only: Despite its good features, it is still an economical welding machine, therefore designed exclusively for hobby use.

What Factors Should I Consider Before Buying

Several criteria are to be taken into account to better choose a TIG welding station. Whether it is on the functional level or the capacity level, your choice must be entirely made by putting the results you expect in the equation. It will depend on the power you are looking for, the type of material you want to weld, the use you are going to make of it, or the power of your electric current.

The Type and Thickness of Material

Dedicated for welding thin tubes, steel or stainless steel tubes, and thin steel or carbon steel sheets, the TIG welding station can only be a good tool. Thanks to this specificity, the MIG welding station allows you to give your work a perfect finish. The finish is finer and its easy use brings more precision to the user.


Portability is extremely important in these welding machines because it will make the difference between a stationary use and the possibility of being able to move while working. For this reason, many models weigh around 9-10 kg and are equipped with an integrated shoulder strap. However, the lower weight can reduce robustness, so choose carefully based on the jobs you plan to do.

Ease of Use

Ease of use is essential for both novice and experienced welding professionals. If you are a beginner, you will undoubtedly have to focus on a welding machine with a few clear and efficient controls, to learn how to weld without complicating your life too much. The possibility of welding with an MMA electrode will also make your life easier, with materials such as aluminum and various alloys.

If, on the other hand, you are an expert in this sector, you should look at models that are rich in features, but which do not unnecessarily complicate your work experience. The complexity of the controls must increase your job opportunities and not hinder them.


Some of these welders also have accessories already included in the package, such as carrying bags, electrode holder cables, pliers, and much more. However, these are usually more suitable for those who are beginners, and soon you will have to rely on additional accessories of superior quality.

The Type of Power Supply

As the variety of models and brands is so vast when it comes to welding stations, the power of these machines can also vary according to the user’s needs. Models operating with 220 V single-phase current have the advantage and ability to provide continuous and constant efficiency. On the other hand, with a three-phase 380 V current that can deliver 400 to 600 A, this advantage is not available.

The Magnitude of Electric Current (Amperes)

The magnitude of the current therefore plays a very important role in carrying out the welding work. For a weld diameter of 4.0 mm, a 200 A substation is required. Above this, i.e. from a diameter of 5.0 mm, a three-phase power supply is required. For a 6.3 mm electrode, up to 400A is required for welding. This selection criterion is absolute to be taken into account in order not to make a mistake in your choice.

The current supplied at the output of the welding station is distinguished by additional parameters such as the voltage in volts at no load and the type of alternating or direct current.

The welding current increases according to the work carried out during welding and depends on the size of the electrode. In the case of a TIG welding station, 150 Amperes is the minimum required current. The no-load voltage should be 70 or 80 Volts for special TIG electrodes.

Protection of the Equipment

Since tig welders work at high temperatures and with high electrical power, the equipment must have self-protection systems that guarantee its proper functioning and complete safety during use. In the case of heat, and given that the welders have a complex electronic system to control it, the equipment must have an adequate cooling system.

This system is usually based on fans that remove the heat by releasing fresh air from the environment into the equipment, thus preventing it from heating up. Concerning electrical systems, fuse protection systems are often used to absorb possible voltage peaks, thus preventing them from affecting the machine and damaging it.

You must eliminate from your tig welder comparison any model that does not include these protection elements since they will surely have a short useful life and poor operation.

Technology of Torches

Since TIG technology does not use standard electrodes, as in inverter welding, what is important is the torches used during the welding process. These torches incorporate the gas that allows the welding to be done, varying according to the size of the area to be welded and the metals used. Therefore, it is important that the torch is made of the material we need for the welding we plan to use and that it is of adequate size.

At this point, it is convenient to look for sets that offer torches of different sizes depending on the work that you usually do. Don’t forget to look for some basic elements such as the pencil torch, for small welding jobs or the large size torches for surface welding on large surfaces. The change of torch should always be quick, to make the work easier, and models that do not have this function should be rejected unless you do not plan to use the welder for any other purpose than that for which the torch is used.

Duty Cycle

The duty cycle of some devices is limited because electrodes and power supply unit heat up. To prevent damage to your welding equipment, there is so-called overheating protection and a control lamp glows if the equipment gets too hot. Before you buy a TIG welder, you should inform yourself about the maximum duty cycle. The cool-down period is also very important if you do not want to wait so long to continue the welding process.


Some TIG welders have built-in cooling, which ensures that you can switch on for longer periods. Often fan-like blowers in the housing provide sufficient cooling. In some units, the cooling is done with inert gas.

Frequency of Use

This is an important aspect because if we are going to use the TIG welding machine for domestic use, we can acquire economic equipment and that does not contain a lot of amperages, even so, we will obtain good results, if on the contrary, we give it a professional use we must obtain a much more powerful model with greater amperage and that offers a greater output.

Size and Weight

One important aspect is that you must know what you are going to use your TIG welding machine for, whether it is for domestic or professional use because depending on the amount of material you are going to move, you must opt for a lighter and more compact model, remember that the bigger it is, the heavier it will be.

Additional Questions That Affect Your Selection

What Can Be Welded With a TIG welding Machine?

TIG welding machines or inert-gas welding machines are suitable for welding many materials. These include austenitic CrNi steels, copper and copper alloys as well as nickel-chrome alloys and nickel-copper alloys.

Titanium and titanium alloys can also be welded with a gas shielded arc welding machine. With an AC/DC TIG welding device, the welding of aluminum is also possible.

What is the Difference Between Welding Equipment, Cutting, and Welding Torches?

Gas is an indispensable medium for all three devices. The big difference is the use of gas. In gas-shielded welding equipment, the gas used does not burn, but envelops the molten metal and shields it from the oxygen contained in the ambient air. However, you can avoid using gas in TIG welding but the quality of the weld would be inferior.

With cutting torches the gas is burned. The properties of the gas and the design of the torch ensure a particularly hot flame. This is also able to cut through thicker metals. In contrast to welding equipment, cutting torches are therefore not used for joining but for cutting metals.

Welding torches, on the other hand, join workpieces. This is done by melting welding rods with which the workpieces are joined together. This requires a hot flame, which is produced by burning special gases.

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